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So far, the most alien thing to me are the aliens.  Not because of the fact that they are aliens and, by definition, are alien to us; it’s because they lack a feature that I, as a human, put great emphasis on in reading emotion, drawing comfort from, and feeling a connection to: faces.  They have no facial features.  No eyes, ears, or nose; their faces are just flat and grey;  with the exception of the tentacles and throat hole?  It is surprisingly difficult to visualize the aliens without facial features.  Because when I think of an “intelligent” alien, I automatically picture something similar to a human form: a head, two arms, torso, and two legs.  However, eyes are something that are always different, like the classic big eyed aliens, or maybe multiple eyed aliens or something.  But, they always have eyes, and the mouth is more like it would be for a human, basically like the shape of Jdahya’s tentacles, except with more human-like features.

The aliens did share something that I see, and like, a lot in science fiction, dealing with aliens, and that is that they seem to be super intelligent.  However, the downside is that Lilith knows this too, and feels alienated even further, aside from the isolation from her species, when Nikanj takes her to its friends to examine her.  She feels like an animal in a zoo, or a pet, on display, to be “shown off”.  So, everything the aliens do to her, alienates her from her status as a human further and further.  These aliens are the most alienating aliens that ever alienated an alien!

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