Brog 4

For this week’s blog I’d like to pose a question.  Why does Pirate seem so estranged from the rest of We3?  The first big difference that I noticed were the lost pet signs.  Bandit and Tinker both do not have anyone else in the picture besides themselves, while Pirate has two children posing in the picture with him.  Another interesting difference in the signs is that Pirate is the only one of the three who is outdoors, Bandit and Tinker are both inside a home.  Also, in the description on the sign, Pirate’s owners included that he liked “lettuce and carrots”, along with his physical description.  The other pets only have a name and brief physical description.

Another big difference between the signs is the fact that Bandit and Tinker both have some electronics in their pictures.  Bandit’s photo has a DVD player and a Playstation; Tinker’s photo includes a random boombox sitting on the floor halfway off the page.  Something very interesting I also noticed in Tinker’s photo was all the incense.  What’s the importance of the incense?

I think these could be very significant questions.  The lost pet signs do not chronologically  correlate with each current point in the story, they just appear at the beginning of each section.  They are also full page pictures, and either have a lot of seemingly unrelated objects, or none at all.  I find this intriguing because Bandit and Tinker’s pictures have so much in common, but Pirate’s has so many contrasts.  I think this could somehow relate to the fact that Bandit and Tinker seem to share the most interaction, and also Pirate is always getting hurt and ended up being the only one dead.  The part that gets to me most is the incense in Tinker’s photo, there are two incense holders in it, and they both have incense sticks in them, or had some burn out; and what looks like an open bag of loose tobacco.

A few other things to note: the handwriting gets more juvenile as the signs progress, Bandit has blue eyes, Tinker’s eyes are closed, and Pirate’s eyes are red, Bandit’s sign says “missing”, instead of “lost”, Bandit is the only pet for which a reward is offered, lastly, Bandit’s the only one the scientist reveals the true name of, however, his owner is the only one that did not list a name to reach with the number.

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