Brog 3

Wow.  That was probably one of the worst movies I have ever seen.  I don’t get to say this often, as I’m not would you a call an avid reader, but the book was better.  What I really enjoyed more about the book was how it constantly built tension throughout.  I was probably desensitized from pretty much knowing what was going to happen in the movie, however, there were so many times when I thought to myself, “Huh?”.  That, along with what seemed to me as just throwing in lines from the original for information’s sake, really threw me off from the movie’s plot.  The lines I’m talking about are very important, like when Blair talks about the alien assimilating, but they seemed to have just come out of nowhere, just to drop that nugget for later.  My problem is that it was done so blatantly, unlike the book, which was more subtle and strategic.  I feel like the book delved deeper into the psyches of the people there, as well as more interesting theories and conclusions as to how the alien thinks and works.  The movie aliens were just so cheesy, and unlike anything I pictured from the book.  The book painted a picture of a fierce, intelligent life form that was extremely sophisticated.  Whereas the movie alien was just a grotesque, primitive killing machine.  The thing that pissed me off the most though was the ending.  The ending of the book left you with a feeling of wonder and amazement.  Atomic power thingies and anti-gravity packs made out of random materials sounds much more profound and interesting than just some spaceship.  Anyways, here’s my conclusion:  book good, movie bad.

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  1. Mark Sample says:

    I’d love for you to dig a bit deeper in your comparison of the story and the movie. We shouldn’t be asking which was better, so much as, how were they different? How did each shape the thematic material to fit its own needs? The ending is a great example—accept that the rather ambiguous and anticlimactic ending is there for a purpose, and then ask, so why? What does that ending evoke or suggest?

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